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After Jocasta gives birth to a boy, Laius acts to defeat the prophecy. First, he drives a spike through the child's feet, then takes him to Mount Cithaeron and orders a shepherd to kill him. But the shepherd, taking pity on the baby, spares him after tying him to a tree. A peasant finds the baby and gives him to a childless couple—Polybus also Polybius , King of Corinth, and his wife, Periboea also Merope. They name the boy Oedipus meaning swelled foot and raise him to manhood. One day, when Oedipus visits the oracle at Delphi, the oracle tells Oedipus that a time will come when he slays his father and marries his mother.

Horrified, Oedipus later strikes out from Corinth. He does not want to live anywhere near his beloved parents, Polybus and Periboea, lest a trick of fate cause him to be the instrument of their demise.

Ch 3.1 The Rocking Horse Winner (English - Woven Words, CBSE, Grade 11) Easy Explanation in Hindi

What he does not know, of course, is that Polybus and Periboea are not his real parents. On the road to Thebes, which leads away from Corinth, Oedipus encounters his real father Laius, whom he does not recognize, and several attendants. Laius, of course, does not recognize Oedipus either.

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Oedipus and Laius quarrel over a triviality—who has the right of way. The quarrel leads to violence, and Oedipus kills Laius and four of his attendants. Outside Thebes, Oedipus encounters the Sphinx, a winged lion with the head of a woman. The grotesque creature has killed many Thebans because they could not answer her riddle: What travels on four feet in the morning, two at midday, and three in evening? Consequently, the city lives in great terror. No one can enter or leave the city. When Oedipus approaches the Sphinx, the beast poses the riddle.

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Oedipus, quick of mind, spits back the right answer: man. Here is the explanation: As an infant in the morning of life, a human being crawls on all fours; as an adult in the midday of life, he walks upright on two legs; as an old man in the evening of life, he walks on three legs, including a cane. Surprised and outraged, the Sphinx kills herself. Jubilant Thebans then offer this newcomer the throne of Thebes.

A Boy and His Horse: The Oedipal Complex at Work

Oedipus accepts it and marries its widowed queen, Jocasta. Jocasta is, of course, the mother of Oedipus, although no one in Thebes becomes aware of this fact until much later.

Thus, the oracle's prophecy to Laius and Oedipus is fulfilled. Figures of Speech. Following are examples of figures of speech in the story. H is eyes blazed at h er for one s trange and s en s ele sss econd, as h e c ea s ed urging h is wooden hor s e. It came whispering from the springs of the still-swaying rocking-horse, and even the horse, bending his wooden, champing head, heard it.

The big doll, sitting so pink and smirking in her new pram, could hear it quite plainly, and seemed to be smirking all the more self-consciously because of it. Comparison of the rocking horse and doll to living beings. He neither slept nor regained consciousness, and his eyes were like blue stones. Comparison of the Paul's eyes to stones. Study Questions and Essay Topics. Do either of the following Add several paragraphs to Lawrence's story indicating that Paul's mother becomes a better person after her son's death.

Add several paragraphs to Lawrence's story indicating that Paul's mother remains unchanged after her son's death.

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The second sentence of the story says Paul's mother "married for love. Is Bassett genuinely concerned about Paul's welfare, or does he simply regard Paul as a "money machine? When Paul's mother calls home from the party to ask Miss Wilmot whether Paul is all right, is she motivated by guilt—and perhaps fear of being viewed as a bad mother—for leaving him at home?

Or is she genuinely concerned about his welfare?

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Are the house voices real? Or does Paul hear them because he is mentally disturbed?

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  • Well-to-do English parents in Lawrence's day frequently turned the care of children over to nursemaids and others on the household servant staff. Do you believe this practice can be beneficial under certain circumstances? Write a psychological profile of Paul.

    He tries to show the society that they should know the importance of tradition before conducting it. These short stories are trying to show several things that affect the society. Analysis of these stories is likely to reveal various solutions that can be used to end many problems affecting people. Despite the different settings and themes of the two stories, have many similarities that make them ideal for people to read. Jackson, S. The lottery. Mankato, MN: Creative Education.

    Lawrence, D. The rocking-horse winner. The child has developed a kind of disorder which can be described as Obsessive-compulsive disorder, where his obsession leads to anxiety and his brain is actively engaged in a kind of activity to bring out luck from anywhere. He talked and tossed, and his mother sat stonily by his side. He tells his mother that he is lucky, he can win.

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    And here is the mastery of D. Lawrence, the boy dies, losing himself and winning the battle of luck. I disagree that there is any kind of hint of Oedipus complex or sexual connotation anywhere in the story, the story itself carries a burden of unusual anxiety and pressure, which, not only the characters feel, but also the reader of the story. H Lawrence does not allow a simple reading and a happy ending. There is nothing pleasurable, not only in the relations of the family but also in the environment of the house. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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