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All Your Dissertation to Book Questions, Answered (Ultimate FAQ)

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By Colleen Flaherty. Most universities host these works on searchable databases. Hint: these are great sources of free sample dissertations! Or you could get a sample dissertation by asking your advisor for his or hers. By the way, your advisor should be a key source of dissertation help.

Or borrow a dissertation from any PhD. Most have a copy of theirs! In short, find a dissertation that exemplifies an excellent dissertation in your field. Because standards differ widely among fields, you should find your own dissertation template. And this is the closest thing.

The last section described the extent to which dissertations differ. But all dissertations share some components. All have a title page, table of contents, dissertation acknowledgement, dissertation abstract, and introduction.

But they differ in the other dissertation chapters. Understanding the goals of these sections is important to writing them well. The title page is simple. It should contain your title, name, university, department, graduate program, and submission date. This is like any other title page. Just follow your university guidelines. It must contain the right information. Stick to the rules. The table of contents is also easy. It lists each of the chapters of your dissertation.

Size and Structure

It might list figures as well. And it must be in the format required by your university.

Chicago Manual of Style: An Introduction - Dissertation Editor

Obviously, you should write this section last. Can anyone figure out page numbers before finishing writing? Probably not. But MS Word can make a table of contents that updates on its own! The dissertation acknowledgement is a special part of every dissertation. In the acknowledgement , PhD students thank the people that made everything possible. This includes research, education, and even life. Here, you thank advisors and professors as well as peers, family, and friends. Your acknowledgement can be warm and personal.

But it should be formal, like those in the beginnings of books. The typical length of a dissertation acknowledgement is fewer than 2 pages. And you should write your dedication second to last. The dissertation abstract summarizes years of work. And it usually does so in fewer than words. Obviously, it should indicate your findings and conclusions. It should also summarize your research methods and any literature reviews in your text.

Chicago Manual of Style: An Introduction

This is a section that is highly regulated by university guidelines. This is because many universities upload dissertations to online databases. Only the table of contents and dissertation acknowledgement should be written later. This should be obvious. The remaining chapters differ based on your subject. Later, this article discusses common chapters of a dissertation.

Typically, only humanities have dissertation results sections and dissertation discussion sections.

Language & Lit

Science dissertation structures differ. Again, there are huge differences among fields in what constitutes a great dissertation. Still, here are some tips to get you started on any dissertation. These tips work for all fields.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Expectations and writing processes differ a lot from one field to another. The biggest split is between the sciences and the humanities. A dissertation or thesis always explains years of research. But how it achieves that goal depends on what you are studying. The process for writing science and humanities dissertations are distinct.