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This brings on a revelation for Patch which lets him see through the scientific names of diseases.

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He …show more content…. This parallels Annointing of the Sick After meeting his two close friends, Truman and Carin, Patch desires to reach out and help people, not to bury himself in his books. His friends quickly jump on the bandwagon and help him to carry out his theories. He is concerned with the physical aspect of healing much more than the spiritual aspect of healing.

In the old church, Annointing of the Sick was sometimes believed to be physical.

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The spiritual aspect of healing would later be brought back into effect rightfully. He proclaims that everyone is both a doctor and a patient.

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Patch also nears the meaning of the sacrament of Annointing of the Sick. He heals people in a beautiful way. He helps people look inside and heal themselves.

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He lets people embrace death much like the sacrament does. His method, while not religious, is effectively the same as the essential aspects of our sacrament. While he did not stamp the. Show More. In the story there are a lot of nice messages and scenes taught by the characters that we should apply in our daily life, one of these are Mr.

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See the whole world anew each day. Rudy, the man who has a delusion about the squirrels. In our daily life when we engage with the different troublesome, we always look it as a bad endeavor and get pity to ourselves. We merely think of how we can solve it. Possibly in somewhat we think, thinking a good solution will conform us to discover a new wisdom that will lead us in dread and risk.

Most of the people likely, the professionals call others by their last name, since this is the school taught us that it is the polite manner for calling names, without awareness that they can capture the heart of the person by calling their first name. In that scene Patch breaks the indifference of the patient and professionals with unconsciously builds a trust, a little transference and compassion to the patient.

In the relation of Psychotherapy, Patch uses the Eclectic Psychotherapy in the combination of Group therapy and the Cognitive-Behavioral therapy in the form of Laughter therapy. Laughter therapy seems dealing a problematic and dysfunctional ways of thinking, emotions and behavior in a group manner activity. Patch Adams The focus of the movie was to objectively look upon personality, more so at extravert and introvert personalities; patch being a very extravert, to his surrounding fellow doctoral students and professors who are severely introverted.

With this in mind, it has a very uplifting message and that is no matter what happens in your life, do not let it discourage you or lead you away from who you are and what you love. Also with personality, Patch believed that medicine alone could not always help, so instead of treating the illness, you need to treat the patient, and with the use of laughter he treated the persons soul as well as their ailments.

Patch exhibits 4 of the 5 super ordinate factors of the Big 5 model. He has Extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. With the Extraversion he has the following facets: warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement seeking, and positive emotion. With the openness to experience he has the following 6 facets: fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas and values. With the agreeableness he only has five of the six facets: trust, straightforwardness, altruism, modesty and tender mindedness. With Conscientiousness he posses the following facets: achievement striving, competence, and deliberation.

His personality would be described as a unique, competent, intelligent, warm goofball, who seeks He received recovery not through the doctor but rather through contact with his fellow patients in the psychiatric asylum. It is there that he is given the nickname " Patch " and discovers his desire to help people through laughter, understanding, and personal connection. From then on, Patch is a man with a mission to help other people.

Two years later, after leaving the institution, he enrolls into medical school and quickly makes friends with another student, Truman and shares his dream with him. Patch soon recruits the stiff, serious classmate Carin, whom he falls in love with. In school, Patch is a smart and gifted student who wants not so much to get the medical terminology and textbook knowledge but to get to the heart of healing: touching others, wanting to help the patients via humor.

Patch begins interacting with patients at the university hospital, even though students are not supposed to see patients until their third year of schooling. Putting on a clown's nose and other funny disguises, he brings fun and laughter into the children's ward and surprises into the dull and boring routines of older patients.

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He even manages to reach a terminally ill cancer patient named Bill who is It is a story about Hunter Adams who committed himself to an asylum for being suicidal. While in the asylum, he discovered his desire to help, understand and connect with people. After leaving the institution, he enrolls into a medical school to be able to accomplish his dream. During his stay in the hospital he helped the patients through humor because he believed that by making them laugh and forget the pain, it will strengthen them but it is prohibited to interact with the patients.

It is only allowed when he reach his 3rd year. This became one of the reasons for him to be expelled from school but he never stopped and continue doing what he believe is right.

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  • As the story goes on there are many things that hinder him to achieve his dream but the head nurse believes in what he is doing and works along with him. Patch decides to continue his dream while Dean Walcott fights to have him thrown out of school but he always end up being unsuccessful.