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The Old Man and the Sea Summary

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Essay on Santiago in "The Old Man and the Sea" -- Old Man and the Sea, S

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Generating Preview This preview is partially blurred. Sign up to view the complete essay. This story has good points, for when it comes to the better parts of the story, it emphasizes by placing in mind step by step of the way Santiago does certain actions.

Hemingway has merged three themes already mentioned above successfully unto this book. Among them are Relationship, External Nature, and the code of dignity. Nature caused pain yet gained him victory, caused him emptiness yet satisfied him, and gave the fish yet reclaimed it.

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Nature is actually more luck than a set of rules, for it can shift back and forth with the greatest of ease. The code of honor is not actually the hardest to interpret. It can only be pulled from context, which is the hardest to do.

It has mainly to do with the rise, battle and fall of the prey and respect following. Ernest Hemingway….

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My friends have read this book…. He accepts the inevitability of the natural order, in which all creatures are both predator and prey, but recognizes that all creatures also nourish one another.

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He accepts the natural cycle of human existence as part of that natural order, but finds within himself the imagination and inspiration to endure his greatest struggle and achieve the intangibles that can redeem his individual life so that even when destroyed he can remain undefeated. In living according to his own code of behavior, accepting the natural order and cycle of life, struggling and enduring and redeeming his individual existence through his life's work, and then passing on to the next generation everything he values, Santiago becomes an everyman an archetypal representation of the human condition.

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His story becomes everyone's story and, as such, becomes genuinely uplifting. As the tourists who mistake the marlin for a shark still comprehend from its skeleton something of the great fish's grandeur, readers of different ages and levels of understanding can find something inspirational in this story — perhaps even more if they dip into its waters more than once.

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