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Frick for immediate feedback and re-writes. Return Graded Homework. More tools! Journal Writing Explained. Journal Writing 1: Art is the antidote that can call us back from the edge of numbness, restoring the ability to feel for another. By using the word antidote, what does the author imply about the inability to feel for another? Rhetorical Triangle: Commercials. Claim, Data, Commentary. Also: Either a 4 in one pen or three pens of different colors.

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One Page Reflection: Using the annotations bookmark, answer one of the reflection questions. Rhetorical Triangle Fun! Watch commercials to pick out speaker, audience, and subject along with purpose, tone, and medium.

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  • Why do you think certain passages in Of Mice and Men are important? Essay 2 Two Pages : Should public schools go to a full-year schedule? You must be logged in to post a comment. RA Essay: 40 minutes 3. Argumentative: Gophers for 10 minutes, debate for rest of class 4.

    Ultimate Guide to the English Language and Composition AP Exam

    Finish watching T o Kill a Mockingbird 2. Read article 2. Summarize article in one paragraph and write a counter argument in one other paragraph. Write an Introduction from the quote prompts given in-class 2. The Argumentative Prompt 8m 19s. Argumentative Practice 13m 1s. Section 7: Synthesis Essay. The Synthesis Essay 9m 19s. The Synthesis Prompt 8m 30s. Synthesis Practice 10m 23s. Section 8: Test Walkthrough.

    Multiple Choice Walkthrough, Part 1 24m 26s. Multiple Choice Walkthrough, Part 2 19m 6s. Rhetorical Analysis Walkthrough 12m 11s.

    Argumentative Walkthrough 11m 29s. Synthesis Walkthrough 11m 33s. Section 9: Final Thoughts. Tips for the Test 16m 26s. This is a quick preview of the lesson. For full access, please Log In or Sign up. Share this knowledge with your friends!

    What is a Synthesis Essay?

    AddThis Settings Privacy. Please login to ask a question and view discussion. Sign up for Educator. Search and jump to exactly what you want to learn. Practice questions with step-by-step solutions. Download lesson files for programming and software training practice. Track your course viewing progress. Download lecture slides for taking notes. Learn at your own pace It is one of three actual free-response questions used on the AP English Language and Composition test.

    There are six texts. Analyzing the Prompt The prompt provides background information a summary of the pros and cons of technology. The prompt offers a hypothetical situation a school considering the implementation of a new technology. Reading the Texts Source A Rotstein is a local newspaper article about a high school using Apple iBooks instead of textbooks.

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    Source C Dyson is an excerpt from a book about science and technology. The author talks about how his sense of identity, once wrapped up in his handwriting, is now associated with the writing he does at a keyboard. Source E Gelernter is an excerpt from an article by a computer scientist. Other sources C and E take a more negative view of technology in the classroom, pointing to shrinking attention spans and a lack of critical-thinking skills. Because the sources present a wide variety of arguments, you may choose to address all the areas of debate or only a few.

    Remember, however, that you must use at least three sources. The paragraphs build on one another, creating a strong structure. They will provide you with comprehensive data on the synthesis essay format for AP English exam.

    English Language and Composition

    While still on the subject, you might want to check out our guide on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay , since it is a part of an AP English exam. We have all the answers for you here!

    How to Ace the AP Language Synthesis Essay

    By now you are probably wondering what topics you can opt for when crafting a piece in question. We have prepared a list of themes to take a look at to help you out. So, read on! When you choose synthesis essay topics, you should think of subjects that have debates around them. Pick issues with grey areas around them or the ones you can form a unique view or opinion on. These tips will help you better craft your synthesis essay. Plus, you will get special discounts and offers from our service!

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    What is a synthesis essay? What is HandMadeWriting? Learn more. Essay any type. Contents What is a synthesis essay?