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But do all children have the same privilege?

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Children of diverse ethnicities in our society are struggling more than others with reading, writing and comprehending. Students, goes to college to seek a major or an idea to acquire a set of skills. Black men are defined as a threat to society and by the negative images conveyed in media today. Black children, particularly black males, are being raised in a world where there is a high probability of not graduating, being unemployed, arrested, or dead. In society parents and guardians are usually responsible for accentuating the.

Whether considering the plow, vaccinations, or the internet, technology has had a huge impact on society. Modern technology makes life more convenient now more than ever. The value of education has changed over its course of decades.

Education Essay

There are so many opportunities for some young adults to be able to go to college, but many do not pursue it. Grants, scholarships, housing assistance, online textbooks are some examples of ways to cut down the cost of schooling. Although many young adults have the full opportunity to attend college, many students do not have family support or feel a sense of self confidence to be able to complete school and further their education.

Many high school students have dropped out of high …show more content…. The students who get to go to college without worrying about paying off school, living expenses, etc. Some students have no help from family, struggle with the stress of finances and housing, and yet are treated the same as the students who are more fortunate than they are.

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Incoming freshman need to learn to be humble to their surrounding peers before they will ever truly deserve to be in college Carey, There have been many recent articles complaining about the cost of college, and if the cost is really worth going. Many parents say they spend most of their income on paying for school for their children, but there are also many financial options for helping pay for school.

Grants can be awarded to what degree is being pursued, what race or ethnicity a person is, low-income families, and the list goes on and on. Scholarships run the same way; along with grade point average, writing skills, and activity in organizations. Ziauddin established a school to enable children to acquire knowledge so that they can achieve their potential Yousafzai By the time Malala reached ten years old, the Taliban had penetrated the valleys, killed policemen and held their heads on the roadside.

School bombings began as directed by Fazlullah, a young extremist who had become Radio Mullah, an arm of Taliban.

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The Taliban was a harsh gang which killed a teacher who refused to pull his trousers above the ankle as the gang did. On October 9, , a gunman shot her with three bullets but luckily, she did not die. A group of Muslims clerics were concerned with the incident and issued fatwa against the Taliban who attempted to kill her. Malala believe that when the whole world is silent, one voice becomes powerful. She was concerned about how it is easy to give guns but hard to provide children with books.

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Also, Malala believed that one has to be brave and not afraid when achieving education and doing so is not a crime. Having brought up in a society which has no significant focus on education, I did not take education seriously. In our society, education is believed to essential only for boy-child. Women in our society are not well learned because they are supposed to get married earlier and start raising children.

In some circumstances, people who have little knowledge have come up to be successful in the society, but that is not always the case.

The Importance of Education in Our Society

The number of people who have excelled in education is much higher than those who did not embrace it. Some people in our society also view education as a waste of resources and time.

Culture Change for Learning

With the increased demand for education, acquiring it is becoming more expensive from time to time. Some parents decide to start businesses for their children or even look for unskilled jobs for them because they think that it takes longer to learn. Some parents do not educate their girls because they feel that it will be not beneficial to them once they get married elsewhere.

Education should be provided for all the children regardless of gender and social status. Some upright figures in the society who understood the need for educating all the children did not give up. Education empowers people in the society. She feels that having enough education will enable her to become a high political figure in future. Her struggle to be educated has helped her to receive respect from different people around the world.

Just like Malala, women around the world should not feel ashamed of competing with their male counterparts in acquiring knowledge.

How Malala’s Story Has Shaped My Understanding of Education

Women should see education as a chance for them to be empowered and face the challenges that may come in their lives. Education is a unifying tool in the society. Through knowledge, it is possible for a society to exist in unity. Educated people understand how to mitigate disagreements when they arise better than those with no education.

I believe that a society whose principles are based on education has little intentions of causing disharmony for its people. Even though many countries are trying to provide cheaper education, it is not easy for people to access it because of social and cultural reasons.

Some cultures still do not support educating women to higher levels. Also, the quality of education they provide to the women is lower than that provided to men counterparts.

I have found that education is vital for all the children and the people at large. Through education, people can stand up and take part in the development of their countries. Women are becoming great figures in our society in the 21st century, and their success can be drawn back to their effortless struggle to learn. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.