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Before the family became notorious to the Spanish authorities because of the activism of his brother Paciano, Jose and 9 girls were members of the family Mercado. When family notoriety became a danger, to provide anonymity, their father Francisco changed his family name, so he became Francisco Rizal.

Properly therefore, we should write the father's full name as Francisco Mercado Rizal and not Francisco Rizal Mercado. These women might have been beguiled by his intelligence, charm and wit. All those girls were romantically linked with him; in fact, he cried when his childhood sweetheart married another man.

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But everything considered, he loved only one woman truly and forever, and he even died for her. Her name is Filipinas. Bert M Drona writes that it was the idea of Senator Claro M Recto to cultivate nationalism among the youth and "economic independence from American interests" The Filipino Mind 07 May , thefilipinomind. The bill would require all high schools and colleges to include in their curricula a course in the study of Rizal's literary works, mainly the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo , to provide an in-depth study of nationalism and the shaping of national character invoked in these two novels.

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Although it met strong opposition from a contingent of Catholic groups because of the books' virulent attack on the Church and their perceived anti-clericalism, the bill was passed and approved on December 6, and became RA known as Rizal Law. Today there are many, especially among college and university students, who are calling for a repeal or revision of this law, questioning its essentiality to a high school and college diploma and its relevance to modern-day Filipino life.

I say the literary works of Rizal, mainly the Noli and Fili, do not provide materials for "an in-depth study of nationalism and the shaping of national character" — Recto and Laurel were wrong in their assessment of those books. Perhaps they did not read those books themselves!

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The Noli and Fili are mainly conversations, Rizal talking to his alter ego and, in the end, deciding against waging a revolution. It must be emphasized that the Noli and Fili are virulently anti-Catholic. It is fiction, but if you want readers to take notice of your work, you have to dramatize it much. The Filipinos in the Noli are all religious fanatics, good for the story, bad for history. Indeed, the Rizal Law is more than irrelevant today; it is anti-intellectual , as it is based on a wrong judgment of Rizal's ideas about nationalism and "the shaping of national character" — the Noli merely mentions a school being planned by Ibarra, that's all.

Did young Rizal really write poem for children?

It is not and was not meant to be a systematic study of education for social change. In contrast, with his respect for knowledge if not religion, and his internationalism, Jose Rizal is relevant more than ever. My hero! If you want to study the thoughts of Jose Rizal yourself, also read his voluminous correspondence with his fellow propagandists, members of his family and friends, as well as his articles in La Solidaridad.

From the correspondence, you will learn for instance that Rizal initially supported the idea of a Revolution, not a Reformation; but his bosom friend Ferdinand Blumentritt dissuaded him. But they executed him anyway, for fighting the Spanish authorities. To the families and friends of those who have written against Rizal, I give my condolence. Essay word count, excluding this line. Post a Comment.

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A fish is caught by its own mouth. Speaking before a group of call center agents in Muntinlupa City, Roxas insisted that he s…. Read more. January 12, If Frank H may say so himself, it's the beginning of all inspired approaches to end all inspired ways of stealing public funds. Pascual H. Poblete note old Tagalog spelling , he claims that the poem was well-known to Filipino poets during Rizal's childhood.

Something Fishy About Rizal Poem

This is not substantiated by any known evidence. Almario and others have debunked Rizal's traditional authorship of the poem based on the following:. However, Rizal first encountered the word at least by , when he was 25 years old — 17 years after he supposedly wrote the poem. Rizal first came across kalayaan , or as it was spelled, kalayahan , through a Tagalog translation by Marcelo H. The fluency and sophistication of the Tagalog used in the poem also do not match Rizal's grasp of the language.

Although Rizal's native tongue was Tagalog, his early education was all in Spanish.

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In the accompanying letter, Rizal speaks of his difficulty finding an appropriate Tagalog equivalent of Freiheit freedom , settling on kalayahan. Rizal cited Del Pilar's translation of his own essay as his source for kalayahan.

The 8-year old Rizal's apparent familiarity with Latin and English is also questionable.