Thesis and dissertation binding

If a chemical or mathematical equation of Greek letters, subscripts, or superscripts is part of your title, please provide alternative wording. If you aren't sure if this applies to your title, please contact Karen. There is no charge for a customized layout, but if you do not select our standard default layout, please clearly indicate the format you would like us to use.

Imprint information is taken from the title page of your document. If the "year of degree" is different than that noted on your title page, please be sure to indicate the correct year on the order form.

Hard Binding

Genuine Leather Covers: Lettering must be done by hand, and price is dependent on the information to be imprinted. Please note the spine format does not include the title though title imprint is an option for the front cover.

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Return Shipping Total shipping cost which includes a handling fee is not calculated until the order is complete and packed, at which time a shipping weight is determined. To estimate your shipping costs or see the number of days for ground transit, please use the UPS system.

Guide to Thesis and Dissertation Binding at the UEL Print Centre

Note that rates to businesses are cheaper than those to residences. Print Email your file to copy soton. Digital Print Services Pricing Black and white 3. Bind Take your printed copies of your dissertation or thesis directly to Digital Print Services, Building 37, Room for binding.

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Dissertation binding Five different types of binding available for dissertations and thesis. Links to external websites Caromar Ltd The University cannot accept responsibility for external websites. PDF Reader. We can print from 80 gsm to gsm whether is matt or glossy on A4 and A3 size. SEND - Email us your dissertation to info collisbirdandwithey. These services are available at all times - no booking required. Just like wood, paper has a grain direction. In bookbinding this direction is vitally important. Imagine a sheet of corrugated cardboard — it bends very easily in one direction and not the other.

The same applies to a sheet of paper.

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The two terms used are Long Grain and Short Grain. Endpapers Folded sheets at the front and back of a book. One half of each endpaper is glued to the inside front and back covers of the book. Rounding The process of hammering the spine into a convex shape. This diminishes the effect of swelling caused by the thickness of the sewing threads.

It also prevents the spine from collapsing into a concave shape after years of use or of standing upright on a shelf. Backing The process of shaping a ridge or shoulder on each side of the spine. Backing accommodates the thickness of the boards and provides a hinge along which they swing. Flat Back Books which are not rounded and backed — a contemporary square back style.

Thesis and Dissertation Binding

If you would like to send your binding to us and arrange return postage or courier delivery, please phone us for a quotation. Call us: Thesis and Dissertation Binding. Our Academic Clients include:.

Preparing your Thesis or Dissertation. These services are available at all times - no booking required 5. Paper Grain Direction. Find out more Book Binding Terms. Delivery If you would like to send your binding to us and arrange return postage or courier delivery, please phone us for a quotation. Home Contact About Us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.