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In fact, it was because of India's wealth and spices that Columbus sailed around the world and accidentally found America! With a very large timeline and countless number of heroes and villains, kings and ministers, I think India is the mother of history. But the most impressive thing about India is her freedom fighters who risked their lives to save our peaceful country for us to enjoy. All this makes me feel proud to be an Indian.

Why Do I Love My Motherland?

Now it's our job to drive away poaching, poverty, pollution and corruption from our country. Jai hind! India's diversity in culture, relationship values and its unity in diversity are some of the things one cannot find in any other nation. I am proud to say that I belong to the land of many great people like Mahatma Gandhi. Indians have never let their culture and nation to be under estimated. India's national anthem was even voted to be one of the best national anthems in the world which makes me proud.

When I grow up I will surely help this country and people here and will not serve any other country because this is the country which has given me everything I need.

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India is a very beautiful country. It has a lot of trees, plants and forests. It is a mystical place. The climate is very good. There is nothing better than a walk in the morning on the streets of India. The cultures in India are mixed together. When the British left India they left some of their lifestyle to us. We follow them in the office and at home.

We merge those lifestyles and follow our own habits. This is a thing which you see nowhere except in India. One thing to be considered is that India is the second smartest country in the world and others depend on India. So I conclude that India is a very incredible and mystical — yet to be discovered. Even though it has things like corruption which we have to work towards getting rid off, one day we will become the best and I love my India.

I am proud of its natural resources and its friendly people. We celebrate many different festivals here and my heart fills with pride for my motherland. Hovering over us is corruption, terrorism and mishaps. The 28 diversities unite to form India. The land where pride begins, the land where sorrows end and smiles originate, that is India. Customs, tradition and perceptions don't matter.

A Short Essay & Paragraph on My Motherland

Yes, the land where unity rises and discrimination sets, that's the land — India. Already have an account? Sign in. Sign up for a day free trial. Sign Up.

Long and Short Essay on India in English

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College, Mangalore My soul — India This is a land of picturesque beauty, the crown of our pride, the land of diversities, the land of culture and style and it fills me with pride. Burdened with the inescapable, and now unnameable, guilt of that clemency petition, Savarkar invents an elaborate retrospective justification for his silence about colonialism.

My Motherland Speech

So, saddled with a male, martial and ferociously anti-Muslim ideology of the fatherland, we are a long way from the gentle Bharat Mata of Abanindranath Tagore, but one must resist the urge to psychologise this transformation too much. This masculinity is not defined in relation to any notion of femininity but is, rather, constructed around the notion of celibacy — specifically, non-relation. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Indian notions of yoga and brahmacharya and the promised rewards of semen-retention — the kundalini rises, no less! Because this is truly a tragic, inexpressible masculinity.

Then again, the shift that seems to be taking place, may also be connected with the particular stage of national development in which we find ourselves. We are now entering — have entered — a phase of national development in which large numbers of people will inevitably be excluded. Of course they say otherwise — and so they should.

And the Supreme Court should rule that everyone must chant sabka saath, sabka vikaas, individually and collectively, five times a day, in the national interest. But, I fear that we are going to need more robust strategies of discontent management also. This will be, let me state with proper patriotic ardour, no ordinary fatherland — not least, of course, because it started out as a motherland. My country represents peace and freedom.

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This is a truly beautiful and rich country. My compatriots are the most brave people in the world. I pray that enemies can not attack her border and that her citizens will not be victims of sorrow and suffering.